Hi-Power Bullpups Now Available to Order!

Ordering for the 357 and 308 Slayer Bullpups are now open.  We will be filling orders in groups of ten based on our email list.  To Place your order please fill out and submit the  Hi-Power Bullpup Order form.  The first ten customers  (based on email list) and Military customer will be sent Paypal invoices for their orders.  Delivery for the first assembly run will be 3-4 weeks. If you are not in the first ten you will be sent an email with your standing.  After first 10 are shipped the next ten will receive their invoices, delivery for the next ten will be 2-3 weeks.

Team Slayer



  1. I submitted my Hi-Power Bullpup Order on the day you sent out the notice. I haven’t received an email to let me know where I stand in the ordering process.

    • Matt,

      We needed to wait a few days to allow for customers to get their order forms in. We will be sending out the notices today. Thanks!

  2. What is the current estimated wait time for delivery if I order today.

  3. Hi was looking to see if you rifle version was ready for sale yet? Made my mind up and want to go with your product but would prefer the rifle version if it is going to be available any time soon. Let me know. Thanks!

    • Bill, the rifle version is going to be mid-Jan. to Feb. if all goes as scheduled. We will be adding a rifle order form soon, it will function as a waiting list and give us some insight how many to build.

  4. I have already ordered the bull pup, but would also be looking to add one of your rifles as well, so I will be on the look out for it. Thanks!

  5. Juan Carlos Dominguez B

    Buenas tardes.
    Una consulta, en lo personal me gusta mucho el bullpub . 357; habrá alguna forma de que el mismo se pueda confeccionar con regulador y cual sería el costo del mismo.
    Gracias y saludos desde Panamá

  6. what size bullets is the 308 using?

  7. I assume that your rifles are regulated but could you confirm this. Also how is the magazine indexed? Is the cocking lever on the left side of the rifle? Also, where is the fill port located at. The rifle looks very nice, I would suggest trying to get it reviewed by airgunweb or possibly Ted from Ted’s holdover. I only suggest this as you need someone to do a much better video than what is currently on Youtube. And it would be nice to see some target groups. It is kind of hard to dump $1900.00 or so on an air rifle without truly seeing how it performs.

    • Jeffrey, Sport series guns (yet to be released) are regulated and designed to shoot standard commercially available airgun pellets. The Hi-Power series are designed to shoot slugs and are not regulated. They are tuned for a bell curve.

      There a few reviews on the GTA and other forums of our 357 Hi-Power bullpup which speak to the accuracy, function and quality of our product. As more get into the hands of regular shooters and professional reviewers, there will be plenty of reviews and web content. For now our emphasis is on production not the website.


  8. Any word on when the next round of bull pups will be invoiced and ready to ship?

  9. Current information is kinda spotty. I’m curious how the schedule and lead time is now as well.

    (one of Al Clarks field testers)

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