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Slayer- the the cure for the big bore airgun identity crisis


Identity crisis is the  best description for so many big bore airguns on the market.  Are they intended for slugs or for pellets? Almost always, it’s neither. Not enough power for efficient and effective use of slugs and too much power for pellets with the exception of the heavy EunJin in some cases.  Adding to this identity crisis, many bigbore air rifles leave the factory with a tune that has infamously and universally referred to as, “The Korean cliff tune”, a declining shot curve that matches no known ammunition.  Adding to the crisis, the difficulty of getting good accuracy results with a gun that gives a wildly declining velocity string and these manufactures make no recommendation as to what ammo should be used.  All the R&D is left to the shooter or a professional tuner.

All bigbore repeaters today, with the exception of the Slayer, have been built on small bore platforms that have been stretched (yes, some have physically stretched) beyond their limits, these small bore actions can’t provide the performance or reliability expected or desired.  Also, their magazines are designed for pellets and don’t have adequate length for slugs, especially longer hollowpoint slugs.  A gun that started life as a extremely powerful 17, 22, or 25 caliber can’t be expected to make a high performing 308, 35, 45 or 50 caliber; it’s just not feasible.

The Slayer is a true top down new design that shares absolutely nothing with any existing platform.  What do we mean by top down?  The design process started with a performance goals and a defined purpose.  The performance goal was a 357 optimized for slugs that would deliver six shots at 950 fps peaking at 275 fpe with a bell curve, use a fill pressure of 3,600psi to utilize 4,500 psi carbon fiber breathing air tanks that are currently the industry standard without the use of a 6k nitrogen tank or booster, have a single lever cocking and loading system that easy to operate, be as compact as possible for field carry, have a nice balance, excellent accuracy, extreme reliability, and completely manufactured in the USA.  The Slayer’s purpose is to be a highly efficient hunting tool that can be used in the field straight from the box, performing at its claimed performance level without the need for “tuners” or “tinkering”.

Maximum power, absurdly heavy  projectiles below 900 fps, or Helium never entered into the equation.  The Slayer’s purpose is predators and game up to deer.  Take away the shot count, the Slayer can easily drive a 140gn bullet to 1050 and above even with its 24″ barrel.  Again, ultimate power was not the purpose but the potential is there.

This top down design process showed the need for some new and unusual technology as well as a few innovative features not found on any other big bore airguns on the market.

  • Air assisted balance valve that requires only a 30 gram hammer and 3 lb cocking force.  Slayer’s one of a kind balance valve is the heart of the system, it  reduces the hammer energy to incredibly low levels (less than a typical small bore pellet rifle), making the shot cycle smooth, calm and also provides a very fast locktime; all good for ease of shooting and accuracy potential.
  • Super easy cocking single side lever action.  Because of the low cocking effort (benefit of the balance valve) there is no need for the heavily loaded cocking cocking lever and separate bolt lever that are common on other high power big bore air guns.  Combined with the Slayer’s rotary magazine, followup shots are extremely fast.
  • Titanium reservoir.  Titanium saves both weight and space making the Slayer the most compact and one of the lightest big bores on the market.
  • Rigid, flanged, and threaded barrel connection (no grub screws).  The Slayer’s properly attached barrel eliminates the possibility wandering point of impact from bumping the barrel during heavy field or truck use.
  • Tensioned chromemoly barrel dramatically increases stiffness and resists resonance without adding pounds of steel.
  • 25 MOA of included angle in the scope rail. This allows the scope to be optically centered when zeroed at 100 yards, leaving room to click to 200 yards with most scopes.

The Slayer is designed as a complete system; its compact nature and no nonsense design make it the perfect hunting tool for carry, blinds, tree stands or the bench.

Hi-Power Bullpup Specifications:

Hi-PowerParameter308 Caliber357 Caliber
ActionSide Lever
Max Slug Length
Rotary Magazine
7 Rounds
Rotary Magazine
6 Round
26 in
24 in
Caliber0.308 in0.357 in
Twist1:14 in1:26 in
7.2 lbs
7.2 lbs
Length w/ moderator38 - 40 in36 - 38 in
Length wo/ moderator33 - 35 in31 - 33 in
Lenght of Pull13.5 - 15.5 in13.5 - 15.5 in
PerformancePower220 fpe275 fpe
Shot count76
TriggerPull< 2.0 lbs< 2.0 lbs
ReservoirCapacity400 cc400 cc
Fill Pressure3600-3800 psi3600-3800 psi
* Fpe (foot pounds of energy) listed is developed at a velocity of 950 fps (feet per second) for all calibers.
** All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Hi-Power Bullpup Features:

1Titanium reservoir
2Floated, tensioned and shrouded barrel system
3Quick and easy probe-less side lever action
4Self indexing rotary magazine (all aluminum design)
5True two stage trigger (position, fist and second stage adjustable)
6Adjustable length butt plate (5 positions)
7MIL-STD-1913 picatinny accessory rail (underside)
8Cantilevered MIL-STD-1913 picitinny scope rail with 25 MOA included
9Air assisted valve
10RVA (rear velocity adjuster)

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 4 in

3 reviews for Slayer Hi-Power Bullpup

  1. Patrick Rasmussen (verified owner)

    I’m just curious about the magazine dimensions, but I will post a review myself once I’ve had the opportunity to do some testing and hunting when mine arrives…

    • fred thompson

      Patrick, bullet lengths upto 0.750″ for the both the 308 and 357.

  2. Patrick Rasmussen (verified owner)

    Thanks for the info, Fred…

    In looking for things: I wasn’t able to find if the RVA (Rear Velocity Adjuster) is accessible to the shooter, or a picture or diagram of it…

    I am also interested in the maximum length of slug loadable with the single shot tray???

    I have three single shot Airforce Airguns; a 22 and 25 Condor, and also 45 Texan and was wondering your opinion on how the AAA Slayer with the single shot tray compares to a texan in 308. Power??? And slug versatility???
    Obviously I’m anxious to take this sweetie to bench and eventually the field…
    I’m working on some cast slugs for the beast this weekend…

  3. Keith Wachob

    I have owned a .357 Slayer for six months now. It is the most awesome big bore ever. I say this because it is very accurate, light and quiet for a big bore. It is super easy to cock as well.

    With cast bullets, I have achieved a six shot group at 100 yards on a rifle range that measured 0.549 MOA (measured using OnTarget software). I have also shot many other groups with the Slayer that were at or under 1 MOA at 100 yards as well, so it was not a fluke.

    The power claims posted in the specs are accurate. Although it already comes tuned, it will produce a higher FPE than stated with some tweaking of the external adjustable screws, but with less shots than stated of course.

    I could gone on and on about this gun, but will just end with saying don’t hesitate buying one of these if looking for the ultimate big bore. You won’t regret it.

    American Air Arms sure does know how to build a very high quality gun that is built to last.

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