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The 452 Slayer  is a true top down new design that shares many of the 308 and 357 Slayer’s features, but has been designed for the higher stresses and pressures required for larger the 452 Caliber.  What do we mean by top down?  The design process starts with a performance goals and a defined purpose.  The performance goal was a 452 platform that can deliver 400 to 700 fpe, have a wide pressure operating range, and true multi-shot capability.  The 452 is designed to utilize 4,500 psi carbon fiber breathing air tanks that are currently the industry standard without the need for a 6k nitrogen tank or booster, have a single lever cocking and loading system that easy to operate, be as compact as possible for field carry, have a nice balance, excellent accuracy, extreme reliability, and completely manufactured in the USA.  The 452’s purpose is to be a highly efficient big game hunting tool that can be used in the field straight from the box, performing at its claimed performance level without the need for “tuners” or “tinkering”.

Just like 308 and 357 Slayers, the 452 also employs cutting edge technology as well as a few innovative features not found on any other big bore airguns on the market.

  • Air assisted balance valve that requires only a 30 gram hammer and 3 lb cocking force.  Slayer’s one of a kind balance valve is the heart of the system, it  reduces the hammer energy to incredibly low levels (less than a typical small bore pellet rifle), making the shot cycle smooth, calm and also provides a very fast locktime; all good for ease of shooting and accuracy potential.
  • Super easy cocking single side lever action.  Because of the low cocking effort (benefit of the balance valve) there is no need for the heavily loaded cocking lever and separate bolt lever that are common on other high power big bore air guns.  Combined with the Slayer’s rotary magazine, follow up shots are extremely fast.
  • Titanium reservoir.  Titanium saves both weight and space making the Slayer the most compact and one of the lightest big bores on the market.
  • Rigid, flanged, and threaded barrel connection (no grub screws).  The Slayer’s properly attached barrel eliminates the possibility wandering point of impact from bumping the barrel during heavy field or truck use.
  • Carbon wrapped  chrome moly barrel dramatically increases stiffness and resists resonance without adding pounds of steel.
  • 75 MOA of included angle in the scope rail. This allows most scopes to be used (clicked) out to 400+ yards with a 75 yard zero.

452 Hi-Power Bullpup Specifications:

Hi-PowerParameterHunterCalifornian T-Rex
ActionSide LeverRotary Magazine
5 Rounds
Rotary Magazine
5 Rounds
Rotary Magazine
5 Rounds
Single Shot TraySingle Shot TraySingle Shot Tray
22 in
28 in
28 in
Twist1:32 in1:32 in1:32
8.25 lbs in
8.5 lbs8.9 lbs
Length33-35 in39-41 in39-41 in
Lenght of Pull13.5 - 15.5 in13.5 - 15.5 in13.5-15.5 in
PerformancePower400-500 fpe400-700 fpe400-700 fpe
Shot count5-36-28-3
TriggerPull< 2.0 lbs< 2.0 lbs< 2.0 lbs
ReservoirCapacity400 cc400 cc550 cc
Fill Pressure4200-2200 psi4200-2200 psi4200-2200 psi
* Fpe (foot pounds of energy) listed is developed at a velocity of 950 fps (feet per second) for all calibers.
** All specifications are subject to change without notice.

452 Hi-Power BullPup Features:

1Titanium reservoir
2Floated, carbon wrapped bull barrel for extreme rigidity
3Quick and easy probe-less single side lever action
4Self indexing rotary magazine (all aluminum design)
5True two stage trigger (position, fist and second stage adjustable)
6Picatinny scope rail with 75 MOA included
7Air assisted, dynamically regulated balance valve
8Striker, valve dwell, & pressure compensation power adjustments
9Adjustable butt plate for height & LOP

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