Sneak Peak – EVOL 22 Mini Backpacker!

NEW FOR 2018 – EVOL 22 Mini Backpacker!

Featuring an unique all aluminum folding chassis, the EVOL Mini is perfect for backpacking or bug out.  At 18″ folded and 29″ deployed, this compact little gun will deliver 26 regulated shots at 30 foot pounds of energy.  Perfect for small game hunting when you need a small footprint.


  1. Very nice looking carbine. I just responded to a production opening letter from Tom. I must have on of these. Will fit perfectly in my day pack for my long walks with the dog.

  2. You have the right idea! Long walks and stalks with your companion!

    • Nothing much better!! I’m retired. this will perfect for my boat. Rats and those invasive nutria are on the delta here now.

      The second these are up to order, I want one. This is the carbine I must have.

  3. when are they going to debut can i be on the list, can power be upped, will you have caliber choice, like.25

    • Mark, I have tested the gun in 30 cal. It shoots JSB 45 gn at ~815 with 10 shots on a fill. I’m not sure how many are willing to carry a 10-shot gun regardless of its size.

      Getting more out of the 22 is not worth the effort. Any more than 30 fpe the shot count will start to radically drop.

      As a base line, the Mini is smaller, lighter, has a reservoir half the size, and gets the same shot count at the same power level as a Compatto!

  4. your logic is right on, how much is it, can i be first in line? don’t you have a mini .30 evol i saw on a you tube video, when will that be available, love your guns

  5. I’d buy one now… if it were available.

  6. Love it! Keep up the good work and great designs!

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