Sneak Peak – EVOL 22 Mini Backpacker!

NEW FOR 2018 – EVOL 22 Mini Backpacker!

Featuring an unique all aluminum folding chassis, the EVOL Mini is perfect for backpacking or bug out.  At 18″ folded and 29″ deployed, this compact little gun will deliver 26 regulated shots at 30 foot pounds of energy.  Perfect for small game hunting when you need a light footprint.


  1. Very nice looking carbine. I just responded to a production opening letter from Tom. I must have on of these. Will fit perfectly in my day pack for my long walks with the dog.

  2. You have the right idea! Long walks and stalks with your companion!

    • Nothing much better!! I’m retired. this will perfect for my boat. Rats and those invasive nutria are on the delta here now.

      The second these are up to order, I want one. This is the carbine I must have.

  3. when are they going to debut can i be on the list, can power be upped, will you have caliber choice, like.25

    • Mark, I have tested the gun in 30 cal. It shoots JSB 45 gn at ~815 with 10 shots on a fill. I’m not sure how many are willing to carry a 10-shot gun regardless of its size.

      Getting more out of the 22 is not worth the effort. Any more than 30 fpe the shot count will start to radically drop.

      As a base line, the Mini is smaller, lighter, has a reservoir half the size, and gets the same shot count at the same power level as a Compatto!

    • Agreed,if this mini is built in .25 I’m in !

  4. your logic is right on, how much is it, can i be first in line? don’t you have a mini .30 evol i saw on a you tube video, when will that be available, love your guns

    • Mark, you have a keen eye. Yes I have a 30. Super fun but maybe not that practical?

      • Hi Fred,

        Is there any chance to order the EVOL mini in the .30 cal? I’d be more than happy with10 shots per fill. For me, the portability and power is what matters most especially in a hunting rifle.

        • Patrick,

          Airguns of Arizona has placed an order for 30 cal. Minis. They should have them early February.

  5. I’d buy one now… if it were available.

  6. Love it! Keep up the good work and great designs!

  7. The most exciting airgun in years (at least for me)! Please don’t forget a .177 option.

  8. Really want one of those in .30 cal or .25 cal…..seriously! !… Can’t wait for it to come out! !…(also would love to order the. 308 slayer)

    • I did test a 30 cal barrel. 44 gns at ~840 gave 10 shots. It’s super fun in 30 but 22 is more practical.

  9. never was one for being practical LOL.

  10. What is the projected price and delivery date and how to get on the list for one.

    • Bob, we’ll have a better idea of price in April and plan to take orders at the end of April for a May-Jun delivery.

  11. Patrick Rasmussen

    I’m super stoked to take delivery of the slayer three o eight that I’ve just recently layed down the bills for…it will be my first repeater and I hope it’s as awesome as it’s info tells of it…
    Having the wanna open the present blues already…

  12. Patrick Rasmussen

    The. 452 makes me all warm inside too…I. Love my PCP’s–I need one of each to give my compressor something to do and me a room full of playmates…

  13. Wowza! This is going to be the answer to the EDgun Leshiy (a brilliant little gun, but way overpriced in my opinion and only single-shot). Will this come with interchangeable calibres?

    I can see myself joining the queue for this one.

  14. Was that 150 yard egg shot made with a .22 or was that a .30 cal? I am definitely interested in a .22 that can shoot out that far. That gun looks very good to shoulder. What is the weight going to be?

    • Robert, that was a 22 shooting 18 gn JSB pellets. Gun weighs in just at 5 lbs without the scope and a MOE collapsible stock. 7 lbs with the SS 3.5-15×42 ffp scope. If you want to keep the weight down you can choose a lighter scope.

  15. Nice … Any plans on making a .25 cal in this also.

    • Possibly. 22 cal is perfect with a balance of power and shot count. There are such high expectations for 25 cal; with the barrel at 10″, performance may not please anyone. We will test a 25 at some point soon. If it works well, then we will offer 25 as an option.

  16. Carl Schneider

    EVOL 22 Mini Backpacker, how close are we?

  17. Any update on the Evol Classic? Any plan for a thumbhole stock option?

    • Yes there is. It may be a couple of months before it appears but is definitely in the works

  18. I don’t think I have ever been this excited about an airgun! I’m trying to be patient, but keep finding myself back here (and at fb) looking for updates.

  19. Any updates about this? Funds are burning a hole in my pockets, haha.

    • The first batch commissioned by a specific customer are nearly ready to ship. This means we can start taking orders in September.

  20. OK if noise not an issue, Why not a longer barrel and more power. I live in the woods and the noise AH no big deal , thread barrel for those times when you can screw on a air quieter if wanted.

  21. .177 shooting beast at 950ish.

    Will give the little gun a lot more power down range. And shoot great in chocked tc barrels 1:22 at high velocities. Going with a heavier projectile in .177 or .20 is the will make apprx 20% better use of the barrel length if it breathes well. Don’t use single hole transferports you need several holes behind the chambered pellet.

  22. Please make a .177 with a powerlevel that will spit jsb beast at 950ish fps. They’re very accurate in TC 1:22 chocked barrels.

    A .177 barrel would work great this short.
    20%ish better and the beast have a much better bc and can be shot way faster.

    Anyhow the gun is short make it breathe well, don’t have a single tiny transferport. Edgun make use of several transfer ports and allow for lower pressures more efficency.

    I’d love to shoot jsb .25 mkII 34gr. but that would give to few full power shots. Besides the jsb beast will work much better and shoot flatter.

  23. Torkjell Ronningsland

    16gr jsb.177 beast??? High bc that will yield high velocities in a short barelled rifle… works great with chocked 1:22 tc barrels @ 950ish fps.

  24. So when are these EVOL Mini’s going to be ready for sale ?

    Thank you,


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