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Like all American Air Arms’ designs, the EVOL Tactical was designed from a clean sheet to meet specific goals and performance criteria. The EVOL Sport Carbine is a no compromise, dedicated platform for shooting commercially available diabolo pellets with emphasis on accuracy, consistency, reliability, efficiency and compactness.

The heart of the EVOL is its robust regulated sidelever repeater action matched with its high precision hammer forged chrome moly tensioned barrel system, perfectly matched, provide the most consistent velocities required for extreme accuracy. EVOL’s barrel is firmly threaded into the receiver for maximum rigidity, unlike others that use set-screws, EVOL’s barrel can’t be knocked out of alignment during demanding field use.

EVOL is made from the highest quality materials. Receivers, levers and rails are made from 7075 high strength aluminum and titanium reservoirs make the EVOL both robust and lightweight. American Air Arms manufactures all of our parts in-house enabling us to maintain full control of supply and quality.

EVOL Tactical Carbine Specifications:

Sport Parameter22 Mini 22 Carbine22 Rifle & Paradigm22 Caliber HP30 Rifle & Paradigm
ActionSide Lever RegulatedRotary Magazine
11 Round
Rotary Magazine
11 Round
Rotary Magazine
11 Round
Rotary Magazine
12 Round
Rotary Magazine
9 Round
Single Shot TraySingle Shot TraySingle Shot TraySingle Shot TraySingle Shot Tray
18in26in18 in
Caliber0.218 in0.218 in0.218 in0.223.300 in
Twist1:18 in1:18 in1:18 in1:151:26
5.6 lbs
6.2 lbs
7.2 lbs
9.5 lbs7.2 lbs
Length w/ moderator31in (stock extended)36in39inN/A39in
Length wo/ moderator27in (stock extended)32in34in43in35 in
Lenght of Pull10.8-14.0 in14.0 in14.0 in14.0in14.0 in
PerformancePowerUp to 30 fpeUp to 50 fpeUp to 50 fpeUp to 85 fpeUp to 90 fpe
Shot count45-35 120-45 120-60Up to 24~36
TriggerPull0.5 - 2.0 lbs0.5 - 2.0 lbs0.5 - 2.0 lbs0.5 - 2.0 lbs0.5 - 2.0 lbs
Max Fill Pressure4000psi4000psi4000psi4000psi4000psi
* Weight with Magul MOE Buttstock.

EVOL Tactical Carbine Features:

1Titanium reservoir
2Internally adjustable regulator
3Hammer forged chrome moly, tensioned and shrouded barrel system
4Quick and easy side lever action
5Self indexing rotary magazine (all aluminum design)
6True two stage trigger (position, first and second stage, pull, and stop are adjustable)
7MIL-STD-1913 Picitinny scope rail with 40 MOA included
8Rear velocity adjuster
9Industry standard QD Foster fill connection
10Reservoir pressure and regulator pressure gauges

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