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Posts in the News & Announcements will cover many topics including: Product release dates,  New product releases, Development and testing of new accessories,  Trade shows schedules, Shooting events, Etc.  Many of the topics posted in News and Announcements will be open for discussion and everyone is welcome to reply.  Replies are moderated and may not show up instantly until until several replies from the same poster (email) are approved.

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Team Slayer


  1. contact when ready/vet pricing etc.

  2. Problem w/survey site? oh well.

    • Max we received your survey and it looks complete. What issues did you have? Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Hi I would like to know the price of the slayer.
    Also what is include it with the riffle.
    Warranty what covers
    what other states you can delivery.

    thank you.

    Best Regards;

    Hector Cardenas

  4. I would like to know when will the 30 cal be ready for purchase? And does that caliber come with only one magazine also?

    • Roland, the Sport 30 cal is in testing and is not quite ready for release. When you see them appear in the hands of field testers we will be getting close. Were are working towards the end of the year but don’t be surprised if the it takes until January or a bit longer. Our number one concern is to meet our performance and reliability goals.

      • I have one question about the .30 cal. Will the regulated numbers still be at around 190fpe at muzzle with a 95-120 gr.? About the only thing making me lean towards the .30. But if not then I’m in for the .357. Either way I’m getting one! I have a .25 cricket now and I believe with the jsb kings that’s all that caliber should do. And my buddy has a 9 mm cricket and it falls way short of expectations!
        Alohas Roland

        • Roland, yes the Hi-Power 308 is in the 190-210 fpe range, it is not regulated. Our Sport 30 is regulated and is a 80-90 fpe gun specifically designed to use the JSB 44 and 50 gn. pellets.

          The Hi-power guns are not is the same class as the pellet shooters you mention, they are designed for slugs from the bottom up and will not chamber pellets properly. As a fun experiment, we hand loaded a 44 gn JSB into our 308 and got a muzzle velocity of 1439! This gives you an idea about the difference in power levels between a pure slug gun and a pellet shooter.

          • Patrick Ray Rasmussen

            What is the longest slug that will fit and cycle in the magazine and also max length slug for the single shot tray on a .308 Slayer…???

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