Add Some Bling To Your Slayer

Optional Titanium Shroud offers Advantages

The Titanium shroud will add considerable stiffness to the barrel system when compared to the standard aluminum.  Because the shroud is integral to the noise moderation, the stiffer Ti material will add significant additional noise dampening compared to aluminum.  Plus it look great in natural.  The additional stiffness and quietness will add approximately 6 oz. to your Slayer.

357 Slayer with Ti Shroud

357 Slayer with Ti Shroud



  1. is the scope rail screwed down to the shroud or is it cantilevered, being only attached to the breech block?

    • Steve, The scope rail is attached to the breech with a improved Picatinny connection. Both the breech and rail are made from 7075 aluminum and are extremely strong. The design was verified by Both FEA computer analysis and extensive field testing.

      This a deflection plot of the scope rail with 60 lbs applied in the direction of the arrow. As you can see, the deflection is near zero at the end of the rail and non existent at the breech attachment.


  2. Hi Tom,
    My name is Mike Mack, I bought a 357 Slayer from you recently, I was wondering if I can a longer shroud, I want the gun quieter. The barrel length isn’t really and issue. I like to get something in a 18″ to 24″? Anything like that in the works or can I get one custom made by your company?

    Thanks Tom.

    PS Love the gun. It’s a hammer!! Great accuracy also, just need to quiet it down a little.

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