Hi-Power Rifle

Slayer Rifle_white_2_clean_400_304

308 Slayer Hi-Power Rifle – $tbd ( available to purchase ~ TBD )
357 Slayer Hi-Power Rifle – $tbd ( available to purchase ~ TBD )

Hi-Power Rifle Specifications:

Hi-PowerParameter308 Caliber357 Caliber
ActionSide LeverRotary MagazineRotary Magazine
Single Shot TraySingle Shot Tray
26 in
24 in
Caliber0.308 in0.357 in
Twist1:14 in1:26 in
8.2 lbs
8.2 lbs
Length w/ moderator????
Length wo/ moderator????
Lenght of Pull14 in14 in
PerformancePower210 fpe275 fpe
Shot count76
TriggerPull< 2.0 lbs< 2.0 lbs
ReservoirCapacity400 cc400 cc
Fill Pressure3600 psi3600 psi
* Fpe (foot pounds of energy) listed is developed at a velocity of 950 fps (feet per second) for all calibers.

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Hi-Power Rifle Features:

1Titanium reservoir
2Floated, tensioned and shrouded barrel system
3Quick and easy probe-less side lever action
4Self indexing rotary magazine (all aluminum design)
5True two stage trigger (position, fist and second stage adjustable)
6Picitinny scope rail with 25 MOA included
7Air assisted valve balance valve
8Striker and valve dwell power adjustments

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